{ getting started with keto }

Below you’ll find a list of resources I found useful when I first started or things I’ve found along the way that would’ve been nice to have.

**Disclaimer: Some of these sites are selling things. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY THEM TO SUCCEED. I repeat, you do not need to buy a single product or service to start keto or be successful on keto. You need real whole foods that help your body transition into and stay in ketosis. That's it.

Keto for Beginners

The Beginner’s Guide to the Keto Diet / Nerd Fitness

Keto in a Nutshell / Reddit /keto

Keto FAQ / Reddit /keto

How I Survive Special Occasions

Diet Doctor

Keto Connect


Intermittent fasting for beginners / Diet Doctor

Time-restricted eating – a detailed intermittent fasting guide / Diet Doctor


Visual Guides to Keto Foods / Diet Doctor

Keto Diet Shopping List / Keto Connect