Deeper State Keto


Why DSK and Is it right for you

February 8, 2019


I am using DSK to help me shed these last ~30 lbs to reach my goal weight of 155 lbs.

Is it right for you?

Although I chose this tool to help me with my goals I want to re-iterate that Keto is free and always will be. Don’t ever let me, or anyone else that you follow, pressure you into feeling like you have to purchase something to be successful. I want to share how I’m doing on the program though to help others make informed decisions on whether it is worth it for them.

The program requires a lot of very careful tracking and it is a pricey initial investment of $197 as of today. It may also trigger disordered, unhealthy behavior in people who have not healed their relationship with food. The tracking that is required on this program is borderline obsessive but with the understanding that it’s only for 90 days, not for life.

The point of the program is to cut body fat in the quickest, safest, most efficient way possible without damaging your metabolism. It's done in a cyclic fashion based off the bodybuilding protocols cutting and bulking. The course takes you through the "cutting" phase as a bulking phase isn't really needed if you are a fat-adapted keto-er. People can, and do, build muscle while cutting and eating to maintain ketosis.

All that said, if you fit one of the following scenarios below, this program probably isn't for you (right now):

    • Have 100+ lbs to lose
    • Are brand new to the ketogenic way of eating
    • Have mental health problems
    • Have food triggers
    • Stress about tracking food intake
    • Aren't ready to go zero carb (less than 10 TOTAL carbs)
    • Don't care about body recomposition

It might be good for you to consider if:

    • You have less than 40 lbs to lose
    • Care about body recomposition more than what the scale says
    • Have a healthy relationship with food
    • Eat mostly whole foods already
    • Track most/all of your food already
    • Have time to dedicate to the program and your nutrition
    • Are ok with giving up most sweeteners, keto products, and connivence foods
    • Are concerned with nutrition and ingredients

DSK Onboarding

February 9, 2019

I am currently on day 2 of my onboarding phase where I'm ramping up my calories to build a good runway to cut from. For the first week I'll be eating 2498 calories, 222 grams of fat, 115 grams of protein, and 10 grams of total carbs. The pie chart from the DSK spreadsheet is below so you can see I'm at 80% fat right now. Until March 1, I'll be slowly upping my calories and then I'll start phase 1 to find my ideal fat to protein ratio. More on Phase 1 to come!